Monday, February 21, 2011

Listed new items

After what feels like forever, I am finally back open on Etsy. I listed a few things that I had made but didn't get listed back in December for the fire. I also worked over the weekend and created a few new coin purses. I'm not entirely thrilled with the pattern that I made but it is getting closer to what I have in mind.

The wool felted coin purses that I made over the weekend were made from a sweater that I found almost 2 years ago at a clothing give away. I loved the sweater that had Alpaca's on the front and back. I didn't have anyone that could wear it, but I took it anyway. I knew that I would make something from it. I still have the entire back piece left and will probably make a bag out of it. I just need to design one first. I think I may use bamboo handles on it. The wood from the handles would look lovely against the felted wool.

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