Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ideas galore

I have so many ideas floating around my head these days on things I would like to do. I finally took out my notebook and began writing them all down. Maybe if I get them written down, I will be able to sleep. I just lay in bed and think about how to make things. Since we own a cigar store and have empty boxes quite often, I think I would like to use them. I have a few ideas on things to make with them. I need to research the ideas a bit first though. I'm also not sure how to get the cigar smell out of the box. Maybe I don't need to??

I am also thinking about printing some of my photo's and try to sell them. I am told by many people that I should sell them so I am tossing that idea around. Not sure how to figure the selling price for them though. Probably based on size of the photo but still have no idea.... Maybe I will check out ETSY and see what people sell theirs for.

I had an idea for a doll that I want to make as well. I remember having one as a child and am trying to come up with a pattern. I checked out ETSY and I didn't see any on there. Maybe I'm not calling it the right name.... Would be nice if there were no others selling it. Coming up with an original idea is tough. Not that it is original but ......

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