Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ideas galore

I have so many ideas floating around my head these days on things I would like to do. I finally took out my notebook and began writing them all down. Maybe if I get them written down, I will be able to sleep. I just lay in bed and think about how to make things. Since we own a cigar store and have empty boxes quite often, I think I would like to use them. I have a few ideas on things to make with them. I need to research the ideas a bit first though. I'm also not sure how to get the cigar smell out of the box. Maybe I don't need to??

I am also thinking about printing some of my photo's and try to sell them. I am told by many people that I should sell them so I am tossing that idea around. Not sure how to figure the selling price for them though. Probably based on size of the photo but still have no idea.... Maybe I will check out ETSY and see what people sell theirs for.

I had an idea for a doll that I want to make as well. I remember having one as a child and am trying to come up with a pattern. I checked out ETSY and I didn't see any on there. Maybe I'm not calling it the right name.... Would be nice if there were no others selling it. Coming up with an original idea is tough. Not that it is original but ......

Sunday, January 2, 2011

What to do....

With the holiday's over I am finding myself with time on my hands and not liking it. I like to be busy and have projects going. I am going to make something with a cable stitch. Not really sure what I will make just yet. I found a scarf pattern that I liked the looks of but I have misplaced it. I'm sure that it is in the house some place, just need to find it and go through the yarn stash and see what I have the most of before I start it.

I made a scarf for my secret sister at church and she loved it. She had it on today which gave me a little smile. I like to see people use the things that I make for them. I made a sweater for my youngest son several years ago and he can still wear it. Although it is a tad short in the arms now. It took me a long time to make so I'm not sure I wish to make another one. Especially since he is much bigger now!

I made my mother a granny square afghan for Christmas. She liked it. I also made her the bag that was in the post before this one. I didn't get to see her open it so not sure if she liked it or not. Sure hope so. I was excited about it. I am going to go purchase some handles and make myself one from the same pattern. Not sure what type of fabric I will use but it will be extremely girly!

I would like to find a v neck vest for baby boys and make a few of them. There are so many great patterns for baby girls but I haven't found many for baby boys. They have to be out there some place. I will just keep searching until I find the one that I like. I have found several vest patterns but they just don't do it for me. They look too bulky. I like a dresser vest, the search is on! If anyone has one that you would be willing to share with me, that would be great.

I bought my sister a knitting guide and needles for Christmas. Maybe I will have enough people to have a knitting party one of these days. What a lovely thought. Wish my girls took an interest in knitting or crocheting. Maybe when they get a bit older?? I can hope and dream.

I forgot to get a photo of the afghan that I made for my mother. I sent her an email asking for a pic of it. Once she sends it to me, I will add it to this blog.
Guess I'm off to search the internet for patterns. Have a happy day!