Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The knitting bug

If I had been asked a few years ago if I thought I would ever enjoy knitting, my answer would have been no. I crocheted and liked it. I really didn't have any desire to knit. But a few years ago I got the urge to knit. Don't really know where the urge came from and I had no idea how to go about knitting. I bought a couple of needles, yarn and a book showing me how to cast on and to do basic stitches.

Since then I have made several things and really enjoy it. Currently I am working on three different sweaters. One for myself, one for my #4 child and one for my #5 child. Mine is really on hold since I think it will be too small when I finish it. The one for #4 is at a stand still because I have no idea what the instructions are telling me to do. So that leaves me with #5's sweater. he had to have a dark blue sweater. I tried to explain to him that it is hard to see the stitches when I knit at night. He didn't really care about that, he just likes dark blue and that is what he wants. So me being the mom that I am, am making him a dark blue sweater. It will take some time though since by the time I get to knit at the end of the day, the light is fading and I have a hard time seeing the stitches. I think I may have to get my craft light from my husband so I can work on the sweater.

While at work I am working on a wash cloth with hearts knit into it for a wedding shower for a young woman at church. I will also be giving her some of my home made soap. I am not quite sure I will give her this particular wash cloth though. Something is telling me that the pattern wasn't written quite right, at least that is the way it is looking at the moment. Maybe it will be fine and I can give it to her. If not, it will end up in the drawer in the bathroom and my #5 child will claim it for his own. He has claimed the other 2 that I have made and doesn't like it when someone else uses it. He hasn't quite grasped the sharing concept I think.

Anyway, once I am done with all the projects that I am currently working on, I will get a snap shot of them and post the pic's!
Until then, I hope you all have a wonderful day. Enjoy to gift that God has given us.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fun times

I've found yet another thing that I really like to do....
Soap making!

I have made 2 batches of goat milk soap in the past few days. An English Rose and Honeysuckle scent. They are both beautiful soaps! While making them I was really longing for summer. I love the summer air when it is heavy with flower scents. It is safe to say that I like playing around with making soap. Right now I am doing a melt and pour bar but once I am comfortable with learning how to do a cold process bar, I will be moving on to that. I find that the whole "lye" thing is a bit scary right now. I know that if I am careful, all will be fine. It's just getting to that comfort level. I also need a place in which to make it without being in the kitchen. I don't want the chance of lye getting on anything that could hurt my family. Looks like the basement is the only place for that but right now I have a lot of work in front of me before that happens.

I also found on the web site that I order my supplies from there is a this thing called "rebatch" soap making. Interesting..... I may look into that as well. It is made from cold process soap but I don't have to worry about lye. Hmmm, may be a possibility. Unlike the melt and pour bar that only takes a little time before I can use it, the rebatch requires 3 to 5 days to cure. The cold process takes 4 to 6 weeks before it can be cut and used.

I also tried my hand at making lip balm yesterday. That is also a pretty cool little project. I made 13 little slidey tins of root beer flavor lip balm. I kept one for myself and I have to say that I like it. Not waxy, goes on smooth. I think I need to add just a tad more root beer flavor oil the next time though. I just ordered more supplies to make some more. I have a passionfruit rose flavor to do next time!

I keep finding more and more things I like to do. The challenging thing for me is to find the time to do all that I like to do!