Friday, July 30, 2010

Patiently waiting for my shipment

I was hoping that my soap base and supplies would be in today.... Alas it doesn't appear that will happen. I checked the shipping company and see that it is still in transit with an estimated arrival date of August 3rd. That is still four days away! How will I manage to find the patience ;)

I went to a local craft supply store today to pick up soap molds since I was so sure that I would be making soap this afternoon. I found while I was there that where I purchased my soap base, lavender and buds is a great place to shop. My soap base has less preservatives than what I would have purchased at the craft store and I paid much less a pound than they were selling it for. WooHoo!!!

I picked up a journal so I could record what I make and how much scent I add and what I liked or dislike with the batch. This should make remaking the order much easier in the future. I also purchased some ribbon to wrap around each bar. I still need to make some labels so I can list the ingredients on each bar.

So while I wait ever so patiently for my shipment, I will work on some more mugs! I picked up a tube of brown paint. I was wishing I had brown last night. Never thinking I would find it. So glad I did. I am making big sister and big brother mugs today. Now to get creative with what to put in them. The girl mugs will be easy, but what do you give a little boy who has just become a sibling??

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Painting mugs should be an easy thing. But last night and part of today it hasn't been all that easy. Last night I didn't like anything that I painted and ended wiping both designs off before they had a chance to dry completely and today I kept messing up the mug I am making for my father in law. I have decided that I need to take my father in laws in steps. Doing a little bit and letting it dry before adding more detail to it. My youngest two boys are going to sign their names on it for their grandfather. The design is of an airplane with a person in it. I will try to get a photo of it to add but it wraps around the mug so it is a little difficult to get it in one shot. May have to take a couple pics so you can see the whole thing. The other mug I did this morning has a bee and a flower on it. I'm not done with that one either. I am going to add a large flower to the opposite side and add a saying under the bee. I took a photo with my cell phone so I will try to add it here.

Till next time,

Monday, July 26, 2010

Goat milk soap

I am going to be starting a line of soaps. Starting the line with lavender goat milk soap. I ordered the base and the lavender fragrance and lavender buds today. They should be here in 4 to 6 working days. So this time next week I hope to be starting the first batch. Goat milk soap is so creamy and is good for your skin. Once I have it made, I will add photo's.

Check my etsy shop in a week or so to place your order. I hope that you enjoy the soap as much as I do!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


It's funny how creativity can come and go in an instant. One day I will have the urge to get at a project and a few minutes later, it will be gone. A fleeting memory..... I really wish my attention span is a bit longer and I can keep my mind on the things at hand. I have a few tea travelers ready to put together but lack the desire to do it. It isn't like it will take a long time either. They are pretty simple. Same with the tea pockets that I am whipping out. The only good thing is that they aren't needed until September. I sure hope that I get on the ball before then and get them sewn.

Till next time,