Friday, February 5, 2010

Blue venetian earrings

I just love these earrings. I made a pair for myself a few years ago in pink. I also made a necklace to match. Unfortunately the beads aren't inexpensive and it ended up costing me a small fortune. I don't regret it at all though. I love the set. I was at my favorite bead store the other day picking up a few things and saw these blue beads. They have been there quite awhile and they have been calling my name. I gave in and bought only two for the sole purpose of making a pair of earrings. They turned out so pretty. I thought about keeping them, but decided to put them in my etsy store. If they are there in four months time, I may keep them at that point. Or maybe if there are still more of these beads at the bead shop the next time I am there, I will pick them up and make another pair.