Friday, July 30, 2010

Patiently waiting for my shipment

I was hoping that my soap base and supplies would be in today.... Alas it doesn't appear that will happen. I checked the shipping company and see that it is still in transit with an estimated arrival date of August 3rd. That is still four days away! How will I manage to find the patience ;)

I went to a local craft supply store today to pick up soap molds since I was so sure that I would be making soap this afternoon. I found while I was there that where I purchased my soap base, lavender and buds is a great place to shop. My soap base has less preservatives than what I would have purchased at the craft store and I paid much less a pound than they were selling it for. WooHoo!!!

I picked up a journal so I could record what I make and how much scent I add and what I liked or dislike with the batch. This should make remaking the order much easier in the future. I also purchased some ribbon to wrap around each bar. I still need to make some labels so I can list the ingredients on each bar.

So while I wait ever so patiently for my shipment, I will work on some more mugs! I picked up a tube of brown paint. I was wishing I had brown last night. Never thinking I would find it. So glad I did. I am making big sister and big brother mugs today. Now to get creative with what to put in them. The girl mugs will be easy, but what do you give a little boy who has just become a sibling??

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