Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Painting mugs should be an easy thing. But last night and part of today it hasn't been all that easy. Last night I didn't like anything that I painted and ended wiping both designs off before they had a chance to dry completely and today I kept messing up the mug I am making for my father in law. I have decided that I need to take my father in laws in steps. Doing a little bit and letting it dry before adding more detail to it. My youngest two boys are going to sign their names on it for their grandfather. The design is of an airplane with a person in it. I will try to get a photo of it to add but it wraps around the mug so it is a little difficult to get it in one shot. May have to take a couple pics so you can see the whole thing. The other mug I did this morning has a bee and a flower on it. I'm not done with that one either. I am going to add a large flower to the opposite side and add a saying under the bee. I took a photo with my cell phone so I will try to add it here.

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